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1. How much time will all the process take till we have one small crystal in customer’s hand?
The process time depends on the size of the crystal.
For example:
Crystal block (50*50*80mm&300,000points): <2mins
Crystal key chain (30*20*15mm&50,000points): <20seconds
Engraving speed is 3000 points/second at maximum, and approx 2800 in general.

2.What factors cause the failure to get the perfect result(perfect products)?
Many factors will influence the result of the products.
1. The operator. (F.Y.I. we provide the free user training).
2. The engraving material. (F.Y.I. K9 crystal is the best).
3. The technology of the machine. (F.Y.I. our machine features the high working precision).
4. Working environment. (F.Y.I. the temperature ranges from 5 to 35 Celsius degrees, and humidity can not exceed 70%, no condensation)

3. How many kinds of crystal materials can your machine engrave? On which one can your machine do the best job?
Our machine can engrave many kinds of crystals, including glasses, acrylics and crystals. It make the perfect product on K9 crystal. If you need, we can provide the complete production system.

4. Is the computer hocked up to the machine normal or special? Is it available for running the Windows operating system? Can it be replaced with a laptop? What kind of connection are there between the PC and main machine, USB or something else?
The computer is special one, we install our software and database in it. It is based on the Windows operating system. If using other computers, you need to install our software in it extra. The connection between computer and machine is via a PCI card.

5. About your 2D to 3D conversion software, how does it work?
The software's work principle can be described like this. There is a library involved in software including a variety of templates, it will match the most suitable one with the customer's picture, then the 3D image will be constructed automatically after a series of adjustment in details.

6. How much time does your software take to transfer a 2D picture into 3D?
The 2D to 3D conversion software will take only 10-15mins to make a 3D portrait, after the operator accepts the training.

7. For the 3D crystal engraving, is it a must to use 3D camera? How about using a common camera with high resolution/pixel, and taking pictures from multiple angels?
Yes, our 3d camera is indispensable. The common cameral is not suitable for our machine, because our machine recognizes only the special file format “dxf ”.

8. What about the quality warranty of the machine?
2 years warranty of the whole machine.
1 year warranty of the diode pump ( F.Y.I. the lifetime is more than 12000 hours, and the working capacity is about 240,000 pieces of the 50x50x80mm crystals)

9. Which part or parts are easy to be worn out? How long shall I replace the part or parts, and how much will it cost?
Actually, there is no part easy to be worn out. There is not need to maintain the machine deliberately, just clean the inside of the machine every 6-8 months. In general, the diode pump has the lifespan of 12000 hours (around 2--3 years). It needs to be changed, when its lifetime had gone out. The price of the pump is about $4000.

10. What happens if the machine breaks down? How would I get it back to work again?
During our warranty period, if any part need to be replaced, we will send free spare parts to you. If the machine need to be repaired, we will supply the on-line guide. If the problem is too serious to be solved by yourself, we will send our engineer to your side to repair it.

11. Can you send your technician for a week here, for installation, start-up and training how to use the machine and camera?
Yes. If oversea training is needed, we will do as you wish. However, all the expense should be covered by buyer, excluding the expense generated within China.